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Covid-19 Shutdown

Mozambik Group to temporarily shut down all operations

Johannesburg: In support of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement of a total shutdown on Monday night, the Mozambik Restaurant Group will be shutting down all operations effective midnight 26 March 2020. The Group’s 17 restaurants will be closed for the 21-day lockdown period and reopen thereafter, dependent on a Covid-19 national status and regulatory demands. Currently the period of national lockdown ends at midnight 16 April.

“It is the civil duty of every business to ensure absolute compliance in support of the lockdown,” says Mozambik chief executive Manny Nichas. “We have contingency measures in place and implementation thereof has already started rolling out.” He adds that the Covid-19 pandemic will have irreversibly changed the way in which business is done, and particularly, change the food, beverage and hospitality sector forever.

“Covid-19 is not just a life changing event in the near-term, but fundamentally impacts the future. The impact on all stakeholders will be severe and it is absolutely essential that understanding, cooperation and collaboration is the common denominator between parties right now, which will ensure a more secure trading environment post-Covid-19.” It was a crisis in camouflage that, when it presented itself, forced all of us to think differently, laterally and to innovate. Nichas adds that Mozambik will use the shutdown period productively to complete development of initiatives in support of a ‘new business order’ in a post Covid-19 world.  

“The opportunity cost of ceasing trade for 21 days with a hopefully muted Covid-19 threat at its tail end is worth it.” Nichas looks forward to restaurants reopening. “Cabin fever will be very real for most of us at the end of the lockdown and presents a fantastic opportunity for the hospitality sector to rebound with a bang.”

Mozambik Restaurants will be focusing on online engagement with its customers during the lockdown. “We have several initiatives in the pipeline to ensure that we maintain a positive and engaging relationship with our community during the next 21 days.

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