Becoming a Mozambik Franchisee requires more than commitment. Besides the required financial contribution, hard work and a hands-on policy with regards to the store is certainly an important if not a critical criterion.

Kindly note that once we are in receipt of the completed standard Application Form, there are certain internal checks and balances that are required to be carried out by the Franchisor. This process may take some time depending on the merits and content of each completed Application Form. The completion and receipt of the Application Form by the Franchisor does not however automatically qualify you as a Mozambik franchisee.

Included hereunder are some of the important aspects of becoming a Mozambik Franchisee:


The initial set-up costs will generally vary from location to location and the current state of the leased premises. Generally, with a store around 180 s/m in size, a potential Franchisee may well be obliged to invest the sum of R16 000.00 per s/m excluding VAT.

As Franchisor, we are insistent that any potential Franchisee should be in possession of at least 50% of the total set-up costs. Such initial investment must be unincumbered and readily available. The balance of the set-up costs may be obtained through a financial institution or other such type service provider. Transparency in obtaining such loans are however important to the Franchisor. The ideal situation would be for any potential Franchisee to be in possession of the full set-up costs.

In terms of the Franchisor’s Franchise Agreement, it is mandatory that every Franchisee pays a JOINING FEE  of R150 000.00 excluding VAT. Such fee is paid to the Franchisor upon acceptance of the approved applicant.


These are some of the important qualities that the Franchisor will be guided in appointing an Applicant as a Franchisee:

  • Any restaurant experience is welcome. Such experience should be coupled by a Franchisee who has a passion for food, teamwork and also working independently when required to do so.
  • The temperament of any Applicant is important attribute in being appointed as a Mozambik Franchisee. Such candidate should  be fully equipped to deal with any situation that may arise in front and back of house, customer complaints, labour issues and the long hours in running a successful business.  
  • Integrity and business ethics are the cornerstone of the Franchisor and such attributes should be the foundation of any Mozambik Franchisee.
  • Be in a situation to accept constructive criticism from the Franchisor and act on such advice to the further the success of the store and the brand.
  • Preferably that any potential Franchisor has no other competing interest with another brand and to this end full transparency is a requirement.

Feel free to contact any of our members should you require any explanation as to the contents of this notice or any further details.