Becoming a Mozambik franchisee requires significant commitment, both financially and in terms of commitment. Please take note that there are the prerequisites to progressing your application process, but this does not in any way guarantee that you automatically qualify.

Please see detail below in terms of key that franchise candidates are required to fulfil:

Store Setup Costs

Initial setup of a store is calculated as follows: R8 000 per m2 ex vat. This amount will cover the following (approximate store size is between 600m2 – 800m2):

Potential franchisees must have 50% or R 1,5 million of the total setup cost in unencumbered cash or capital which will be placed with our attorney in a trust account. You must be able to secure a loan for the rest from any authorised financial institution.

There is a joining fee payable of R150 000 excluding vat. (This must be available on acceptance of application).

  • A minimum of 2 years restaurant experience is an advantage but not necessary.
  • Must be a people’s person with an even temper. Understanding that our Customers are King.
  • Must have a passion for good food and enjoy a fast paced environment where teamwork is essential, but must be able to work independently as well.
  • Have Business integrity together with professionalism.
  • Willingness to personally devote your best efforts full time to the day to day running of the restaurant.
  • You must be able to set goals, act and make decisions. Be thoughtful and practical.
  • Must be able to conform to the rules of the Franchisor. Must understand the value of standardisation.
  • Must not be afraid of working long hours.
  • Must be energetic and be in good health.
  • Cannot have any other interests in competing restaurants. If you have other business interests, you are required to disclose this information to us which will then determine the way forward. We do discourage having other interests as full attention needs to be placed in a franchised store.